Shalom & Welcome to our Jewish Heritage Tour, The bible will be our map

After your decision to travel in Israel we invite you to a special tour in which we will follow and seek landscapes mentioned and quoted in the bible all with your private tour guide;
It is a very unique experience to hear the bible stories where they took place, as if the time is standing still when you travel in Israel.
Present and past mix together almost mystically in order for you to d feel and seize the moment and events.
Together along with your private tour guide , we will follow some of the profits and Kings steps, know and understand Israel holiness and Zionism.
As part of your travel in Israel we will follow the Ark of the Covenant way; hear the story of David and Goliath, Ayalon valley, Sodom and Gomorrah, Deborah and Sisera War and so on.
When you travel Israel a visit to the mystic city and definitely a town with a Jewish soul –Zfat is a must:
The old part of town consists of narrow twisted streets revealing artists’ galleries, medieval synagogues, private homes and small guests’ houses.
Truly appreciate Zfat requires an intimate, holy and Jewish connection.
 Zfat is the balance where the spiritual meets the physical, where the East meets the West.

Visit Tiberias which is located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee,
known in Hebrew as “the Kinneret”. 
Your private tour guide will lead you in the town, the graves of the Nation’s founding fathers,
“the Wise Men”, as well as historical sites which are landmarks of Eretz-Israel. 

Rabbi Yohanan founded the “Great Academy” (Beit Midrash Gadol) in Tiberias.
The scholars of Tiberias turned it into a town of Torah and Knowledge
At present, Tiberius offers tourist attractions, a variety of archeological and historical sites,
do not forget it while you travel in Israel.
Tiberias - Old Synagogue

Jerusalem – Israel’s capital city – the holiest city: The name Jerusalem is mentioned more than 600 times in the Hebrew Bible. After David’s conquest of the city round about 1004 BCE, Jerusalem became the capital of the new monarchy. David brought the Ark of the Covenant to the city with the intention of building a Temple to the Lord and making Jerusalem the religious and political capital of the people of Israel. But it was his son Solomon who built the Temple. Once the Temple was built, Jerusalem became the spiritual center that united the entire nation.
Jerusalem has and is the spiritual and physical capital of the Jewish people, and also a holy place to the three great monotheistic religions. Jerusalem holds the key to unity and peace.

The traditional tour, when you travel in Israel along with your private tour guide will combine the old and the new in Israel.
We will visit settlements like “Kibbutz” and “Moshav”, visit a lot of interesting religions that combine Israel’s special variety of people the Druze, Circassia’s, Bedouin, Muslims and Christians.
Learn some regarding the advanced agriculture Israel offers; Visit some research institutes such as Weizmann Institute of Science.
 During Your travel in Israel with your private tour guide, your Jewish heritage tour let me assure you will see, feel, smell, taste, and hear Holy Israel and also Zionism, I guarantee you will never forget it.
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