Experience Israel in a personal way that is tailored to you with an experienced guide

Why Choose Zvi way

Zvi Bar-Or is a licensed tour guide that has been guiding, hiking and arranging tours all over Israel For more than 30 years.
Zvi offers his knowledge and passion of Israel’s nature and the flora, history, wonderful food and wines, and the different kinds of Israel’s residents. Zvi will plan a custom-made Israeli tour – in accordance to your special interest.
A tour that will combine all your senses: you will look, smell, feel, taste and hear Israel in a unique way. 


This is your private tour, so these are only suggestions, we can combine tours to your choice.


Jewish heritage private tour

A special tour in which we will follow and seek landscapes mentioned and quoted in the bible all with your private tour guide...


History private tour

History is revealed at every corner we turn to, and while planning your Israel tour, we'll have a focus in the history of the land...


Bar Mitzvah private tour

Israel will come alive through the ceremony and festivities surrounding your celebration. An memorable experience...

Pilgrim Christian private tour

Pilgrim/Christian private tour

During your Pilgrim tour you’ll see, touch, feel smell and experience the land of the Bible, history and present combine beautifully...


adventure private tour

This is your private tour in which you will have the opportunity to see Israel from all sides desert, high mountains , sand...


Culinary/wine private tour

At our private tour you will have the opportunity to eat , feel and to be hosted in different cultures with different kind of food. ...


Nature private tour

Israel is located between, Europe, Asia and Africa, which offers you to enjoy different scenes in one small beautiful country...

exclusive car

Daily shore excursions

The excursion you will take with us will be an utterly memorable experience within the limited time of your shore excursion...